What can a digital marketing agency in Monterey, California do to help unleash the power of your website? We will discuss a number of topics below. Many of these topics are the most important topics that, in our experience, you should focus on initially to get some good traction and help you get found online in the search results.

  1. An important on-page search engine optimization factor that a digital marketing agency will consider is to have a good meta-description. Many people say that the meta-description does not count anymore because Google does not use it in its ranking algorithm these days is not used in the algorithm these days because black hat search engine optimization companies abused the meta-tag. Nevertheless, it is important to put keywords in their that you customers might be looking for having a good description in here in the meta-description makes the search results more relevant for your possible customers.
  2. It is important to sprinkle your desired keyword or keywords throughout the text of your article. Your article should be addressed towards your customer. We understand that you’re looking for ways to boost your online presence and market your business online and get found when people search for you online. So, use your keywords about 2 to 5% in your text and that will help boost your rankings.
  3. Make sure that you do not copy a section of words and then paste them back into that same article. Further, make sure that you do not copy article word for word pasted into another one of your blog posts. The problem with this is that Google will see you have to exact same pages and it won’t know which one to give ranking to. It may decide to rank neither page. ¬†However, it will probably decide to rank one page. But it knows that there is another page with duplicate content so this will water down the link juice of the previous page. Therefore, it is best to avoid duplicate content blogging on your website.
  4. Lastly, if you put a short post of 200 words, Google probably will not pay much attention to it. And your customers probably won’t pay much attention to either. An exception might be is if you’ve developed a procedure specifically to address define problem that way if it can be solved if you steps it might be worthwhile to use a shorter post. But now that you know that short press are bad, why not add a little bit of extra description or perhaps an extra technique that your customer can use that will help them improve their business. Doing so will increase your word count and then increase your rankings in Google because the web post under about 400 words will pretty much be a waste of your time and effort and money.

We are here if you have any questions regarding search engine optimization and is a Monterey Web design and SEO Agency. We are constantly keeping track of cutting-edge techniques can help you skyrocket your online profits. Thank you.