Monterey web design company is here today to answer the question about what it takes for a small business to get found online. A couple of days ago in Monterey, California, I was standing in my garage. I decided to put myself in the place of medium-sized business owner who was looking to answer the question about how people can find my business on the Internet?

As a business owner and an accomplished Internet marketer, it took a bit of a paradigm shift to imagine what it would be like to know nothing about the Internet other than I could search on the Internet to try to find a business in my area.

Various thoughts came into my mind. What would people search for? If I own a carpentry or woodworking business, what words would people be putting into the Google search box to try to find me?

I had to erase what I knew about all the high-tech terms and get back down to basics. People would be searching for a Monterey web design company to help them market their services online.
In other words, it came to me that what I would search for would be along the lines of finding a consultant, or someone that could help me understand what I needed to do to market my Monterey, California small business online.

But do I look for a digital marketing consultant in Monterey? Would I look for a Internet consultant in Monterey? Should I search for Monterey Internet consultant? At this point I began to realize how complicated all this internet marketing stuff can be.

Then I realized I would have to come up with even more ideas after I found this Monterey marketing consultant. He or she might also be called a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. So I realized that even before I could begin to market my business online, I would have to find somebody, and I would have to use the proper terms to even find them.

I went through an exercise of pretending I had a phone book to look through to find the Monterey web designer that might be able to help me. I decided I would look under Internet or I would look under websites in Monterey to be able to find somebody to request a quote.

The most striking thing to me was that I just want people to find my business online when they search. I want to show up number 1 in Google search and a Monterey web design or a Monterey Internet marketing consultant or a Monterey SEO consultant would be the terms that I would use to begin my search.

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