Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Although advertising has been around for hundreds of years, it has evolved to extend its reach into our lives more and more each year.

I ancient times, perhaps one would bring  hos or her product along as they went about their day.  Then when they encountered someone, perhaps a sale could be made.

These days, people still hawk their ware ion city streets, but we have much more effective ways to advertise.

First, I want to put advertising in its place.  Advertising is a part of Marketing, and marketing rules over advertising.

Now, back to advertising’s effectiveness.  When I think of advertising I usually think of billboards or neon signs, ass shown in the picture.  I can’t really measure the effectiveness of a billboard.  I suppose I could assume how many people saw it, and make a guess, but it would be a wild guess.  I can’t even tell how much showing a billboard might have contributed to the overall sales of my company.  What a racket!

Thankfully these days, we can determine the exact ROI of paid advertising online.  That way, you can advertise, and see if it brings you more profits than it costs.  If if does, keep advertising.